15kV Loadbreak Elbow

Hubbell Loadbreak Elbows provide utilities with products having high reliability and low maintenance expense. The elbow, when mated with a loadbreak bushing product meeting the requirment of IEEE Standard 386, is suitable for energized loadmake / loadbreak operations by a qualified lineman using a shotgun-type hot stick.


  • Molded external shield-conductive, abrasion resistant 1/8-inch thick shield of peroxide cured EPDM.
  • EPDM insulation - cured with peroxide process provides superior stress-relaxation characteristics and assures long life under high-ambient temperatures. Compatible with polyethelene, crosslink polyethelene and EPR insulations.
  • Molded conductive insert - guards against high electrical stress from corners of crimped connector
  • Hot-stick operating eye - reinforced with stainless steel ring. Withstands 500-pound pull and 10 foot-pound torque, per mits energized loadmake-loadbreak operation with hot-stick tool.
  • Compression connector - meets requirements of ANSI C119.4/NEMA CC3 for Class A connectors.
  • Test point - allows voltage indication when readout is made with suitable high-impedance devices. Elbows are available with or without this feature.
  • Cable entrance - has conductive rubber stress relief area which contacts extruded cable insulation shield. Elbow model selected to assure interference fit along cable insulation surface providing proper creep distance and water-tight fit.
  • Grounding tab - designed so that a single #14 awg copper wire can be inserted in the hole. Use of a separate wire is recommended.
  • White-black-white-band - identifies elbow (and mating bushing insert) as having phase-to-ground and phase-to-phase voltage rating. Both the black and white bands are individually removable
  • Interface - to allow interference-fit seal when installed on mating component designed to IEEE Standard 386. Provides proper creep distance and water-tight fit, yet permits unplugging of elbow after years of service.
  • Locking ring - is a part of IEEE Standard 386 requirement. Provides positive gripping. Initial pull-off force to unseat from mating groove in bushing insert produces fast break necessary for loadbreak switching.
  • Probe - mates with pinch-finger contactsin bushing insert, or other switch point. Inner end has threads with pilot to aid installation in crimped connector without thread stripping. Outer end is made of ArcMate™ ablative material that produces gas when exposed to loadbreak arc, permitting reliable interruption even with close ground spacing.