S&C Electric Company
Type XS Fuse Cutouts

S&C Type XS Fuse Cutouts, when fused with S&C Positrol® Fuse Links provide full-fault-spectrum protection to overhead distribution systems rated 4.16 kV through 25 kV*, whether applied to overhead transformers, capacitors, cables, or lines. "Full-fault-spectrum protection" means that Type XS Cutouts interrupt all faults . . . from the lowest current that will melt the fuse link to the maximum rated interrupting current - whether the fault is on a transformer primary or secondary - with line-to-line or line-to-ground voltage across the cutout - regardless of transformer winding connections - and with the capability of handling the full range of transient-recovery-voltage severity associated with these conditions.

S&C Positrol Fuse Links possess melting time-current characteristics that are accurate not only initially but also on a sustained basis; this permanent accuracy is achieved principally through the design and construction of the fusible element. The silver or nickel-chrome elements in S&C Positrol Fuse Links are drawn through precision dies to very accurate diameters, assuring initial accuracy. And Positrol Fuse Links feature solderless construction—elements are swaged to their terminals to produce a permanent connection that is unaffected by vibration, corrosion, or aging.

All S&C Type XS Cutouts employ single venting - down and away only - an especially important feature where exhaust must be kept out of other phases in overbuilt circuits. Their nonexpendable fuse-tube cap construction, moreover, eliminates the extra expense of fuse-tube cap replacement.

Type XS Cutouts have been expressly designed for superior mechanical performance. Fusing is simple, even with gloved hands. Type XS Cutout fuse tubes are readily inserted in the cutout hinge and easily closed, without any need for careful steering or manipulation on the part of operating personnel - even from extreme angles and under adverse conditions of light and weather. And Type XS Cutouts can be opened and fuse tubes removed with equal ease.

* Also applicable on 26.4-kV through 34.5-kV systems for protection of single-phase-to-neutral circuits (lines or transformers) only, and grounded-wye connected capacitor banks in solidly-grounded-neutral (multigrounded-neutral) systems.