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Online Ordering
Register your account today and then place your orders online anytime, any day, anywhere.

Account Management
Manage and review your account online anytime, anywhere.
Benefits include:
- Review orders
- Save orders
- Review history
- Check delivery

State Electric supports Electronic Data Interchange for our customers desiring to exchange documents through electronic means.

We currently support the following ANSI ASC X12 transactions:
810 Invoice (vendor/customer)
820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice (vendor/customer)
844 Product Transfer Account Adjustment (vendor)
849 Vendor SBA Credits (vendor)
850 Purchase Order (vendor/customer)
852 Product Activity Data (vendor)
855 PO Acknowledgement (vendor/customer)
856 Ship Notice/Manifest (vendor)
867 Product Transfer and Resale Report (vendor)
997 Functional Acknowledgement (vendor/customer)

Electronic Billing
For customers wanting to go paperless, we can deliver invoices electronically through e-invoicing, allowing you to receive invoices through your e-mail system.

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