We take extra care to make sure we have the correct lamp types and counts as this analysis is the basis for all calculations and major errors can result in an inaccurate ROI, a shortage of recycling estimates, etc. In addition, we evaluate each space within the area to determine whether the space is over or under-lit.

  • Space-by-space analysis
  • Performed by a trained specialist


With our NCQLP – LC on staff, we have the ability to virtually design each space in house at no additional cost to you. We ensure you are maximizing your budget and choosing the strategy that makes the most financial sense.


Once the fixtures and lighting controls are detemined we can begin creating the Efficiency Measures which will ultimately calculate the ROI for your project.

Efficiency Measures:

  • kWh Savings
  • Operating Savings
  • Payback
  • NPV
  • IRR
  • Maintenance Savings
  • Energy Savings
  • Cost of Waiting
  • This information is needed to calculate any rebates which may be available from the utilities.


This information is then combined into your entire job proposal. Examples of information include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Space by Space Upgrade Overview
  • Cost of Waiting
  • Environmental Impact Calculations

We have the ability to subtract or add additional information as requested. This information becomes the scope of work and the baseline for both installation and financing.

Rebate Administration

We administrate the process from pre-application until you have your check in hand.


For your project to be financed, it has to make financial sense for both you and the lender. For a project to qualify, it must meet certain ROI length criteria. Our calculations are used to ensure the scope of work is accurate and help bring reassurance to the lender. The goal is to make you cash flow positive immediately, for example If your monthly savings are $1,000, your monthly payment might be $800.

Not only can you finance material cost, but you can also include any soft costs such as labor.


State Electric Supply Co. does not do installation, however, we work very closely with hundreds of Electrical Contractors (EC’s) across the Mid-Atlantic to provide you with the best fit for your project. They will do a walkthrough as well to get a feel for the scope of work, and will utilize our proposal to calculate disposal costs as well as fixture counts to give you an accurate quote.