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STARFISHTM includes a versatile selection of products that integrate into many of your home's spaces. We offer bulbs to fit many of your current household fixtures, retrofit and edge-lit remote driver downlighting in popular sizes. We make converting to a smart home easy! Add ambience to your life with STARFISHTM ! Color changing light bulbs, tape lights that self-adhere to tight places and vibrant string lights that offer mobile pops of color all help to create an ever-changing kaleidoscope of lighted living. STARFISHTM electrical components, including outlets and switches, help control other lighting products and small electronic appliances with your smart system; expanding your comfort, convenience and home connection. There is so much smart to get started with!



No matter where you are in the world, you are connected to your home through STARFISH™.

Log in and ensure your home is exactly as it should be, from downstairs or miles away. Make certain your lights are on when you return home at night and that at bedtime "lights out" means they are really off, with STARFISH™ you have it all conveniently under control.



Light up a path for a sure-footed step or use voice activation to add some fast hands-free light assistanace, or set your home for peace of mind while your away. With STARFISH™ smart lighting you can add that extra layer of security through sensors, scheduling and voice control.



Create the mood. Dynamic scene setting with millions of colors strike up just the right atmosphere. Tone the room with tunable white lighting, combine color changing RGB lights, group products, dim the lights create unique settings and own that space! With STARFISH™ you can personalize the moment.



Set up your home to transition with your daily activities. Adjust the intensity of light to coincide with a task. Make certain your lights are off when you leave. Schedule your light so you return in the evening to a safe and well-lit home. You can voice activate lighting in an emergency.



Sync your home to follow nature’s circadian rythmns to feel energized, refreshed and in balance with the seasons. Set your lighting to gently follow the sleep/wake cycle, correlate color temperatures, adjust with natural daylight, match your lighting to seasonal patterns.

Natural and human centric lighting are thought to enhance wellness and positivity.