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***CLEARANCE*** Kichler® 18040 Energy Efficient Landscape Lamp, 2 W, Wedge LED Lamp, T5, 100 Lumens

***CLEARANCE*** Kichler® 18040 Energy Efficient Landscape Lamp, 2 W, Wedge LED Lamp, T5, 100 Lumens
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SKU: KIC18040
Kichler, a leader in the landscape lighting industry, has introduced a new line of 12V and 120V led lamps. Leveraging their knowledge of led technology, Kichler's new line of led lamps offers superior performance, energy-savings, durability and a wide range of options for use in both residential and commercial landscape lighting applications. When an integrated led fixture is not an option, these led lamps are the perfect alternate solution. "We understand that while an integrated led system is preferable, it is not always possible," said Kichler's landscape lighting product Manager Scott Pesta. "If homeowners or property managers have recently installed fixtures with incandescent lamps, but are looking for the benefits of led lighting technology, these lamps can be replaced with our new line of led lamps to give them the cost-savings and energy-efficiency desired within their current lighting system." all Kichler® led lamps are designed, tested and listed for use in outdoor environments and outdoor wet locations, as well as in open or enclosed fixtures. These lamps are also available for accent, in-ground and path lights including kichler fixtures and those of other brands to ensure a solution for nearly every landscape lighting system.
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