State Electric Supply Co. invites customers to shop online through new e-commerce website

State Electric Supply Co. has launched an improved website and e-commerce platform. With a search feature and robust product information, the new site is built to give customers an easy and convenient online shopping experience.

We want to engage in the digital age and provide the same quality products and services online that we have always had at State Electric. The website expands our dedication to service into an online solution.

“We are extremely excited to launch the online version of our commitment to customer satisfaction and service,” says Bill Wymer, Director of Business Development & Marketing. “Whether a customer visits one of our store locations or chooses to purchase online, we want to serve each and every one of our customers through the channel that best addresses their needs. In addition to the traditional service methods that we are known for, this digital functionality allows us to expand our reach and provide that same level of product expertise and service anytime, anywhere.”

In order to fulfill our commitment to providing quality products and services to all our customers, the e-commerce site is user-friendly and up to date on all our customers’ favorite products. We invite our customers to visit our website and explore this new shopping platform.