State Electric’s Process of Building an E-commerce Presence

November 13, 2018

The recent launch of our renovated website which serves as a fully functioning e-commerce platform has brought us to reflect on the long process and massive efforts it’s taken for State Electric to get to this point. Two decades of trials and research through a period of ever-changing digital technology eventually produced the e-commerce services we offer today.

Dave Gravely, vice president of e-commerce and strategic sales, remembers 1998 when the extent of State Electric’s online presence was a basic site developed internally that allowed customers buy a limited number of products online. At this time, the site primarily engaged with customers who worked in contracting. A few years later, a relaunch of the site aimed to expand more buyers in diverse markets. We were exploring online sales of assorted product categories to varied customer types for the first time.

At this point, Gravely recalls, there were still a lot of updates to be made. With a difficult search tool and not much complex data, Gravely knew we needed more for our customers to be satisfied. “I went to the CEO, told him we had to get a lot more serious about e-commerce and he told me: ‘Great, you’re in charge—get us a plan,’” he said.

That was easier said than done because it took over two years of careful research, planning, and building to produce the website that’s available to customers now. A core team from three different departments interviewed other department heads and customers to ensure that this launch would be functional and effective for the company and customers. The ordering tools, search capabilities, quote request forms, and user profiles are a huge leap from where we started in 1998. We are proud and grateful for all the hard work that has led to these services. We are happy to be able to offer customers a simple and convenient way to engage with State Electric and shop for the products they need.