State Electric Offers 3D Rendered Lighting Design

Ryan Ramsby, Manager of Energy Solutions  

Large purchases are often grounds for nervousness and second guessing, especially with projects in which the customer cannot envision the end result. Our Energy solutions specialists have recently begun offering 3D Rendering Lighting Designs for exterior applications. With this free, full-time service, customers can see exactly what they are purchasing. These renderings are functional for customers who have limited lighting knowledge because they do not have to follow complex data points; they simply see what they will get.

State Electric’s 3D Rendering capability is a unique offering because it comes straight from us, in-house. Many times, customers have to seek out an agent or a specific manufacturer to provide this service. However, when it comes from State Electric, we are not limited to one manufacturer; we have access to every fixture and can quickly design with unlimited options to meet the needs and expectations of each customer. We can design using many different manufacturers without any waiting or jumping through hoops. This assures we are providing the absolute best product for the customers’ application and budgeting.

For lighting experts or those with limited lighting knowledge, for non-profits or industrial facilities, this service benefits all customers. It lets you see the end product before you’ve spent a dollar, and it assures that you get the best options for your budget and applications with a quick turnaround. We know no one wants to write a check for something they have never seen. With the use of 3D Rendered Lighting Design, our customers can have confidence with every purchase. 

3D rendering picture 1

3D rendering picture 2