Nexans AmerCable Connector Repair Distribution Benefits Mining Customers

State Electric is a certified Nexans AmerCable Connector Repair Distributor, allowing us to install high voltage couplers and terminations on Nexans AmerCable products with the full warranty from the manufacturer through the completed the product. We have certified technicians for TJB high voltage coupler installations and for 3M terminations. This is one of our most valuable services to our mining customers, as the installations are largely used by underground coal mines throughout the United States.

Many customers are installing couplers or terminations on their main power source when going underground, while others have to hire out an external source do this work for them. With a certified shop and certified technicians, we can offer the customer the full manufacturer warranty on the cable as well as the high voltage couplers or terminations.

State Electric is among a short list of certified Nexans AmerCable Connector Repair Distributors across the United States and offers competitive pricing.