It is the goal of State Electric Supply Co. to provide our customers with the best online research and procurement experience possible. Whether at your desk, on a tablet, or on the go with a smartphone, we have you covered. Online account management, order placement administration, stored material list, and access to order history, are just a few of the services available when you register for your online account. Register today to access your secure account anytime, any day, anywhere.

In addition to our robust online solution, we also provide solutions for customers desiring the following digital services:


For customers desiring to exchange various documents electronically, we support most Electronic Data Interchange transactions sets.

Electronic Billing

We can deliver invoices electronically through e-invoicing, allowing you to receive invoices through your e-mail system.

Punch Out Procurement

A customized procurement web portal for customers to link directly with State Electric Supply’s online system. This allows customers to utilize their existing procurement system and better manage spending, monitor transactions, and provide the documentation needed.