Back to School Food Drive

The school year is quickly approaching. Regardless of where the student is learning (on-site, remotely) children of all walks of life could potentially face a food shortage. The State Electric Wellness Committee has partnered with Facing Hunger Foodbanks to support their Backpack Program. Details of the program are below.

National Children’s Health Day is August 18th and the Wellness Committee is conducting a food drive in conjunction with local Facing Hunger Foodbanks across our footprint to help feed needy children as the school year approaches. We are asking employees, customers, and anyone who can donate to bring individually packed items to any of our 40 locations by AUGUST 18.

We’ve partnered with 8 Facing Hunger food banks across our footprint. The local food banks will also be promoting our effort. On August 18th, a collection truck/van will be present at 10 of our locations to collect all donations as well as any ‘drive by’ donations from the community.

The 10 locations are Athens, Lancaster, Huntington, Roanoke, Arden, Gastonia, Concord, Winston Salem, Raleigh, Fayetteville.

The rest of our branches will be accepting donations and then transferring the donations to one of the collection points.

State Electric BackPack Food Drive

With school schedules up in the air our goal is to help fill the food pantries and make sure the children that rely on school lunches will not go hungry.

List of approved items include:

  • juice boxes
  • breakfast bars
  • fruit cups
  • snacks
  • cereals
  • soups
  • oatmeal
  • pasta meal