• Our Gastonia Location Helping Out the Wounded Warrior Project

    Our Gastonia, NC, branch recently had the opportunity to donate materials through D.R. Cline Electric, LLC for a Wounded Warriors Project. Through donated labor and materials, contractors built a custom smart home for a local wounded hero. We're thankful to have a small part in such a great project!
  • State Electric Offers 3D Rendered Lighting Design

    Large purchases are often grounds for nervousness and second guessing, especially with projects in which the customer cannot envision the end result. Our Energy solutions specialists have recently begun offering 3D Rendering Lighting Designs for exterior applications. With this free, full-time service, customers can see exactly what they are purchasing. These renderings are functional for customers who have limited lighting knowledge because they do not have to follow complex data points; they simply see what they will get.
  • Greg Simon Helps Build World’s Best Solar House

    Virginia Tech’s FutureHAUS Dubai Team was awarded 1st Place in the 2018 Solar Decathlon Middle East Competition held in Dubai, UAE. The solar house is made of customizable “cartridges” which are manufactured separately and joined together on-site to complete the construction process. Virginia Tech’s house featured several innovative ideas including counters that raise and lower to accommodate different user heights and an automatic hatch that can track and accept drone deliveries of mail and packages.
  • State Electric Gives Back to the Veterans

    State Electric donated 4% of all online sales for the entire month of November to two highly rated Veteran organizations: Disabled American Veterans and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation.
  • State Electric Awarded for Performance in Energy Saving Solutions in West Virginia

    ​State Electric Supply Co. was named Trade Ally Champion of West Virginia at the 2018 West Virginia Commercial and Industrial Program Seminar and Awards Luncheon on November 7, hosted by American Electric Power.
  • State Electric receives Champion Trade Ally Award from AEP

    State Electric was pleased to receive the Champion Trade Ally Award at an AEP awards presentation in November. This award was given to State Electric for being one of four top trade allies to the AEP program.
  • State Electric’s Process of Building an E-commerce Presence

    The recent launch of our renovated website which serves as a fully functioning e-commerce platform has brought us to reflect on the long process and massive efforts it’s taken for State Electric to get to this point. Two decades of trials and research through a period of ever-changing digital technology eventually produced the e-commerce services we offer today.
  • State Electric Supply Co. invites customers to shop online through new e-commerce website

    State Electric Supply Co. has launched an improved website and e-commerce platform. With a search feature and robust product information, the new site is built to give customers an easy and convenient online shopping experience.
  • State Electric ranked in the top 10 e-commerce websites among electrical distributors

    After recently upgrading our website to operate as a fully functional e-commerce platform, State Electric was ranked fifth in the top 10 e-commerce sites among electrical distributors in an analysis done by Apruve Inc., an e-commerce credit services company. The ranking was based on user experience, marketing, and features of the website.
  • State Electric lends a hand in the wake of Hurricane season

    When Hurricane Florence left the Carolinas and beyond in devastation, Hurricane Michael quickly brought its blow to the same areas while many still had homes and businesses underwater. These hurricanes have soaked electrical systems, and contractors have had their hands full rebuilding people’s homes, businesses, and lives.