Registering Online - Creating a New User Account

I know my State Electric Supply account number. How do I register for an online business account?

Select Create an Account from the My Account drop-down menu. Check the box for “I wish to use my existing State Electric account” on the registration form. Enter the account name from your most recent statement or invoice in the field provided. Select your local State Electric warehouse or the location you typically place orders with.

I don’t have a State Electric Supply credit account. Can I still create an online account?

You can create a consumer account and pay with any major credit card to utilize all our account management features and ordering tools. Select Create an Account from the My Account drop-down menu. Just ignore the box for “I wish to use my existing State Electric account” on the registration form. Complete all the other fields and select Create an Account.

I don’t have a State Electric Supply credit account. Where can I get an application?

On the Create an Account page click on the Apply Today button or download the credit application from the Resources page. You may also contact our Corporate Credit Department directly at (800) 624-3417 or the ACT team at (681) 203-2090 for additional information.

I registered as a new online business user for my company. How long with the authorization process take?

Authorizations typically take 1 business day. You will receive an email notification when you are approved. You may continue to shop as a consumer until you are approved as a business user with your company’s authorization.

Why should I register for an online account vs. checking out as a guest?

Registered accounts have access to pricing specials, ordering tools, quote requests, and stored user profiles for expedited checkout. You can also review orders and manage account details.

I have a business account with State Electric. Can I checkout out with a credit card or PO?

To accommodate our business partners with procurement cards, you may checkout using a credit card any time. We accept AMEX, DISC, VISA, and MC. You may checkout using a Purchase Order per the terms of the business account.

Why is Credit Card my only choice in payment methods if I have a commercial credit account?

If you have an active, State Electric Supply Co. commercial credit account and do not see the option to checkout with Terms, please contact the ACT team at (681) 203-2090.

Where can I find the website terms and conditions?

The Website Terms and Conditions are accessible from the Create an Account page and must be reviewed and accepted when creating a new online user account. The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy links are also in the footer of every web page.

Where can I find the website privacy policy?

The Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions links are in the footer of every web page.

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Signing In

Can I use my previous State Electric eStore log-in information from the old website?

The new site provides robust tools for ordering and account management.  For your access and your company’s added protection, a new log-in is required. You must register for a new online user account.

How do I sign in?

From the My Account drop-down menu, select Sign In. If this is your first visit to the new website, you will need to create your new online user account.

I can’t sign in. Trouble shooting tips:

Please follow these steps to ensure that you are logging in with the accurate information:

What is my username?

Your username is the email address associated with your account.


Are my username and password case-sensitive?

Only your password is case-sensitive and space-sensitive. Check to make sure your CAPS Lock is off.


What is my password?

Passwords are case-sensitive and must have at least 7 characters and at least 1 numeric. No limit on strength, special characters.

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

On the Sign In page, click Forgot Your Password? Fill in the email address you used to create your account and click Retrieve Password. You will receive an email with instructions to reset your password.

I am having trouble signing in. Who do I contact?

Our ACT (Advanced Customer-Service Team) is standing by Monday – Friday, 7:00 am - 5:00 pm EST to assist you.  You may contact using the method most convenient for you – phone (681) 203-2090, Live Chat, or fill out the contact form on our Customer Support Page.

I have a new email address. How do I update my log-in information?

Please contact the ACT (Advanced Customer-Service Team) for assistance updating your email address associated with your online user account. You may contact using the method most convenient for you – phone (681) 203-2090, Live Chat, or fill out the contact form on our Customer Support Page

At Sign In, What is Keep Me Logged In?

When you sign in to your account, you may select Keep Me Logged In to save your email address. The next time you sign in to your account, your email address will already be entered to help you save time. It will not save your password – this is a security measure to protect your proprietary account information.

I set my account to Keep Me Logged In. Why did it not save my sign in information?

For this feature to work, you must have your cookies enables on your computer.  Here are some tips:

  • If your cookies were deleted from your computer, just enter you sign in information and click Keep Me Logged In. Your information will be displayed next time you sign in – as long as your cookies were not deleted between sessions.
  • Your web browser could be set to reject cookies. You will need to reset it to accept cookies.The steps vary between browsers but is typically found in settings.
  • If you are using a different computer than you normally use, then the cookies that recognize your sign in information will not be there.
What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored by your web browser on your computer. Cookies are convenient for repeated web site visits.

Why doesn’t look the same on different devices?

While the standard desktop computer is the most popular device in office environments, many of our customers are using our website while mobile or shopping outside of traditional business hours. Our new platform was created with a responsive design for tablets and smartphones.

Why doesn’t look the same on different browsers?

Our website is designed to work best on the most popular web browsers. We are currently supporting: Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, FireFox, Edge and Safari. We do not support Internet 10 or earlier. All browsers are different and therefore screens may appear different depending on your device and web browser. Should you use a web browser not listed, or have views or features not working as expected, please contact our ACT team for recommendations.

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Account Management

What is My Warehouse?

Use My Warehouse to select your local State Electric branch for the best shopping experience and service.  If you are buying for multiple regions or divisions, you can easily switch between warehouses as you shop the site, or at the Cart page.

  • Quantities available for pickup are specific to the warehouse selected.
  • Local branches belong to regional inventory replenishment groups and are included in your Quantities available for shipping.
What is Address Book?

The Address Book includes the user's registration name and address. It includes the main customer account designated as (0) and any additional, active ship-to address(s) designated with the ship-to account number (i.e. 2, 22, 022). It also contains any additional entries created in by the user.   

Note: Order History and some account settings are not available for addresses created by the user that are not saved in our account management system.  If you create an address that will be used repetitively by you, could be used by others in your company or should be directly assigned to the business account, please contact the ACT team or the Credit Department to save this address to our account management system.

What is My Part Numbers?

Our customers can use their own part numbers in the ordering tools and keyword searches to reduce time and improve order accuracy. We can create a cross-reference file of the customer’s item identifier to the State Electric SKU#. Contact the ACT team or your local sales rep to have these records built or updated.

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Ordering Tools

What is Copy-Paste?

The Copy-Paste ordering tool allows you to efficiently and accurately imports your data lists.  Whether you have a short bill of materials or a complete storeroom list, import your data list (item number and quantities) for Stock and Custom Order items. Copy-Paste import works with the State Electric SKU#, Manufacturer# and My Part Numbers. If your list contains a custom order item, you will be required to request a quote at checkout to confirm pricing and availability.

What is Quick Order?

If you already know what you want – use Quick Order to quickly add the item(s) and the quantity you need to your cart.  Don’t know the exact State Electric SKU#? Our key word search assist displays products as you type them in the search bar. You can also search by Manufacturer#, UPC or My Part Numbers.

Still not sure? Select Custom Product, add some details in a note and submit it for a quote where one of our product experts will help you select the right product for your job.

Note: Items not stocked at your local warehouse can be added to cart and submitted for a quick quote to confirm price and availability.

What is Quote Request?

Quote Request allows you the greatest flexibility in managing your quick quotes for standard products for larger jobs or unusual buys. Quick quote requests allow you to confirm pricing, availability and delivery on items not stocked at your local warehouse; or stocked locally but not yet published online.

  • You may add items and quantities for quote to your cart.  You can build your list of materials from previous orders, saved carts, shopping lists, import from worksheet, or select products individually. 
  • If you are an authorized Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley) customer, you may use the Rockwell Configurator tool to design your bill of material and submit for quote.  The Quote Request tool is fully integrated with the Rockwell Configurator tool, providing you efficient, accurate real-time results.
  • We also offer the traditional Quote Request form for hard-to-identify, unique, custom, or discontinued products.

Note: Please do NOT submit a quote to order until you receive a formal quote from the ACT team or your local sales rep.

What is Reorder Pad?

Reorder Pad displays all unique items purchased on in the last 365 days. It also includes a date/time stamp for the original purchase as point of reference.

Features include:

  • Search By - enter part or all of a specific item number, brand or brand prefix
  • Sort By - Brand, SKU, Oldest/Newest, or by Usage
  • Select an item, update the minimum order to your buy quantity

Click the image to go to the product detail page.

What is Saved Cart? Can I save more than one?

Saved Carts are convenient when you need to sign out and return later to finish your purchasing work.  Save your cart with a unique name for easy identification. You may save multiple carts. 

Note: A Saved Cart can be placed for order once. A saved shopping list can be ordered/re-ordered multiple times.

What is Saved for Later?

These are individual items that were Saved for Later from a shopping cart. These items appear on the cart page, on the bottom-left. A complete list of your Saved for Later items also conveniently appears in Ordering Tools.

What is Shopping List?

Shopping List is an efficient re-ordering tool and a great replenishment template. A saved shopping list can be ordered/re-ordered multiple times. You can easily organize groups of products by job, work site, material type, etc.

  • Sort your shopping lists by title, SKU#, or My Part Number
  • Unlike a Saved Cart, you can select one or all items to Add to Cart

Pre-set your standard ordering quantities or enter as you go.

What is Rockwell Configurator?

The Rockwell Configurator tool is a portal to Rockwell Automation and their vast catalog of items and product information. Use the configurator to build out your product components for purchase or submit it for quote directly from your cart.

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E-Invoice Connect

How does the Invoice Gateway work?

Invoice Gateway provides you with a number of convenient capabilities. You can easily access your invoices and statements online in PDF format. You can also download your billing information into a variety of accounting packages including QuickBooks. And you can even help save a tree by turning off the delivery of paper invoices. 

How much does it cost?

This service is provided as a convenience to our customers at no additional charge. And because you won't need to spend time opening, sorting, filing and shredding paper documents, it will likely save you time and money. 

Will my paper bills still be mailed to me?

By default your paper bills will not be delivered via the mail. However, you can easily turn this on through the Settings tab within the Invoice Gateway site.

Can I cancel after I sign up?

You may cancel your "Invoice Gateway" account at any time and your bills will be mailed to you during the next billing cycle. Simply call your State Electric Supply Company Credit Officer at (800) 624-3417, or the Advanced Customer-Service Team [ACT] at (681) 203-2090.

Can I make a payment through Invoice Gateway?

Yes. This service allows you to pay online with a bank account.

Can I cancel a payment?

Scheduled payments can be canceled prior to processing. To view all scheduled payments, click on the "Payment History" tab within Invoice Gateway. To cancel a payment, simply click the "Cancel" text to the right of the scheduled payment.

Is my payment account information safe?

We protect your information with the highest level of encryption available. You can be assured that your information is safe. The website is PCI Level 1 Compliant and SSAE 16 Certified. They are the most stringent certifications to ensure your data is secure.

How will I know when I have a new bill?

You will receive a notification via email that a new bill is available.

Will my bills look the same online?

Your online bills will be an exact replica of the bills you are used to getting in the mail.

Can I easily print and save my bills?

We use the industry standard PDF format for storing and displaying billing documents which makes it very easy to print or save your bills to your computer. Click here to get the free Acrobat Reader ®.

What's my User Name?

If you had upgraded from an earlier version of Invoice Gateway, your User Name will be your Customer Number. After signing in the first time, you will be prompted to select a new User Name. Anytime you sign in after that will require that new User Name.

Can I manage multiple accounts?

Yes. You can link multiple accounts through the Settings tab. Once there, you should see an Account Management section on the left navigation panel which allows you to link multiple accounts by providing the necessary credentials to validate that you own the accounts. If you do not see this option, you will need to speak to your administrator to link and assign the accounts to you. You can also assemble several accounts together and assign them to a group for easier management. Groups can be considered as a branch of accounts so that you can easily view all the accounts for a specific branch. Groups can be customized in the Settings tab as well.

Can I see bills based on a specific date range?

You can set custom date range filters by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the date column that you want to filter by. Select from a predefined list of days or define your own custom range to filter your bills.

How are my bills organized?

All new unpaid bills will be listed in the Open tab. Once you have made a payment in full against a bill, you can move them to the Closed tab so that they will no longer show up in the Open tab. There's also an option in the Settings tab that can automatically mark bills as closed once they are paid in full so you don't have to manually close them.

Can I print or download multiple bills at one time?

Yes, just click the box next to each item and click the Print or Download button. It will group all the bills together to allow for easy printing and downloading.

Can I download my bills into my accounting software?

Yes. If your accounting software is compatible with one of our available formats, you can import this data directly into your accounting system. Within Invoice Gateway, check the boxes next to the bills you want to download. Then click the "Download" button and follow the instructions. You will be able to select among a variety of different accounting packages including QuickBooks, Viewpoint, Forefront (from Dexter + Chaney), Peachtree, Timberline and a CSV file that is Microsoft Excel compatible.

How can I sort the information I see in Invoice Gateway?

You can sort the items displayed by clicking on the column title.

How can I search for a specific bill?

By clicking on the drop down arrow next to the column you want to search from, you can now enter in your search criteria to filter your view.

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