If you use the same components on a routine basis, we can organize those inventory requirements into a kit and deliver just in time for assembly. This helps your company reduce inventory, improve productivity and control procurement cost. 

Storeroom Management
Let us help improve your inventory position and reduce the time it takes to manage that inventory, so you can spend more time focusing on your customer needs.  

Supply Chain Management
If expediting material consumes too much of your time, we can help reduce or maybe eliminate searching for the same pieces and parts by streamlining your procurement process. Let us manage the suppliers, so you don’t have to. 

Vendor Managed Inventory
We can monitor your sales and inventory levels for reordering based on demand and lead time. Keep the inventory that you need and reduce obsolete inventory. 

Imagine your inventory neatly organized on shelves where everything has a place and it’s easy to find when you need it. We can help. Each item we supply can be identified by a unique barcode for easy identification and rapid scan inventory.

State Electric understands the demands of our customers and the growing need to offer specialized inventory management solutions. Depending on your needs, the following inventory solutions may be available:

• Inventory Review
• Onsite Inventory Management, Storeroom Management, Jobsite Containers
• Inventory Optimization, Min/Max Inventory Levels
• Critical Spare and Asset Management
• Product Rationalization and Consolidation
• Energy Efficient Solutions
• Product Replacement for Improved Safety, Reduced Maintenance and Downtime
• Assist in Depleting Obsolete Inventory
• Spend and Usage Analysis
• Reduce and Measure Total Cost of Ownership


Mobile Jobsite Solutions
Our mobile jobsite solutions will help reduce surplus inventory and help your project stay on schedule by having the inventory on hand. Our Account Managers will implement the process, manage inventory and provide on-site training.

• Contractor Project Cages
• Trailers
• Vending Machines
• Storeroom Software

Additional Solutions
• Build a Complete Database of Material with Suggested Refill and Stock Levels
• Regular Inventory Monitoring
• Restocking Recommendations
• Inventory Re-order Functions
• Assist in Depleting Obsolete Inventory
• Work with your Team to Reduce and Measure Total Cost of Ownership
• Reduce Transaction Costs
• Technology Available to Manage your Inventory
• Storeroom software
• Scan and Barcode Technology
• Spend and Usage Analysis


Keep Your Facility and People Safe
We can help you prepare for the unexpected! We will work with your team to provide answers and solutions for those unanticipated needs. State Electric has a long history of helping customers when emergencies hit. From our 24/7 emergency deliveries to a live person on the phone ready to answer your questions, we will be there to help. We can also help make sure you're ready before, during and after your next emergency.

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National Accounts

State Electric Supply Co. and supplyFORCE give our customers the best of both worlds. State Electric Supply Co. is an owner-member of supplyFORCE, and the only multi-category national MRO (maintenance, repair, and operating) solution provider, which allows you to use your trusted local State Electric Supply location.

Our national MRO program creates savings and improves your overall MRO buying and management functions.  We will help you define your procurement objectives and work closely with your team to achieve your goals. SupplyFORCE’s combination of experience, technological resources, cost savings programs and your local State Electric Supply Co. location gives you a strategic advantage in meeting your procurement objectives. By joining forces, State Electric and supplyFORCE have saved customers like you millions of dollars in REAL COSTS. If you would like more information on how State Electric can reduce your operating expenses contact or Advanced Customer-Services Team at (681) 203-2090.


It is the goal of State Electric Supply Co. to provide our customers with the best online research and procurement experience possible. Whether at your desk, on a tablet, or on the go with a smartphone, we have you covered. Online account management, order placement administration, stored material list, and access to order history, are just a few of the services available when you register for your online account. Register today to access your secure account anytime, any day, anywhere.

Account Management Tools
• E-Invoice Connect (Bill Trust)
• Open Orders and Quotes
• Order and Quote History
• Convert Quotes to Orders
• My Part Numbers

Ordering Tools
• Copy and Paste
• Quick Order
• Reorder Pad
• Saved for Later
• Saved Carts
• Shopping Lists
• Rockwell Configurator

Additional Solutions
For customers desiring to exchange various documents electronically, we support most Electronic Data Interchange transactions sets.

Electronic Billing
For customers wanting to go paperless, we can deliver invoices electronically through e-invoicing, allowing you to receive invoices through your e-mail system.

PunchOut Procurement
A customized procurement web portal for customers to link directly with State Electric Supply’s online system. This allows customers to utilize their existing procurement system and better manage spending, monitor transactions, and provide the documentation needed.


Product Support & Technical Assistance
Our employees are trained to provide assistance with the quality manufacturers we represent. Product specifications, manufacturers support, application verification and technical support are available from our team of engineers, product specialist and sales team.  

With our team of trained specialists and manufacturer partnerships we can customize training especially for you. Product application, jobsite safety, National Electrical Code, Arc Flash, inventory management, trouble shooting, energy efficiency, programming, datacomm and many more training topics are available to help meet your training requirements. 

Energy Audits & Reviews
From a simple recommendation to a comprehensive analysis, one of our Energy Specialists can help you meet your energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

Lighting Design
• Design Renderings

Lighting Control Design
• Control System Commissioning

Wire Solutions
• Wire Technical Support
• Labor Savings Tools
• State of the Art Machinery
• Cut-to-Length
• Colored THHN Feeders
• Paralleling
• Kitting
• Staging and Storing
• Dedicated Wire and Conduit Sales Specialist

Rockwell Solutions
• Install Base Evaluation (IBE)
• Arc Flash Study
• LOTO Analysis and Procedure Generation
• Machine Level Network Design
• Network Assessment
• Drive Start-Up

Engineering Solutions
• Panel Design
• Panel Modifications

Total Cost of Ownership

Knowledgeable Staff
Our counter sales representatives can help you solve your problems quickly and effectively. We offer a large and diverse inventory from new products to the hard to find products. Stop by or give us a call at a location nearest you.

Will Call
Need it quick and don’t have time to wait? Our will call solution allows you to order online or by calling one of our sales representatives to have the product ready and waiting for you.

We provide a delivery service at no cost to the customer. Our drivers are trained, dependable professionals to get the product to you on time.

After Hour Emergency
We offer 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week.

Energy Savings
Energy savings programs directly drive reduction of utility expenses within your facility. Our program provides detailed energy audits, identifying new and retrofit opportunities using the most current technology to reduce power consumption while improving efficiency. In addition to our skilled local representatives, we utilize a strategically located Energy Specialist to offer additional product knowledge and assistance with local utility rebate programs.  

Productivity and Process Improvement
Productivity and Process Improvement programs provide savings for your facilities by educating personnel on productivity best practices and the most current products available to streamline installation. In addition, we have the ability to interface our eCommerce technology with your procurement system to reduce the time needed for product search, order placement, and invoice management.

Safety programs improve safety and the overall work environment in your facilities by educating personnel on the most current local and federal standards required by organizations such as OSHA and the NEC. This type of training reduces personal injury and property damage, and in turn reduces liability insurance as well as prevents potential fines imposed by governing organizations.  

Our team of product experts are able to provide personnel training, training on facility performance as well as product application. In addition, many of our manufacturer partners offer the highest level of training available. Our vast offering of training opportunities covers our entire portfolio of products and services. Using the latest in technology, we can provide in-house or onsite training including demonstrations, learning lab seminars, and hands on product training.