Basic Controls & Troubleshooting

Location: Winston-Salem, NC

State Electric Supply Co. offers a complete course to help explain basic electrical and electronic control theory, types, systems, documentation, devices, equipment and safety.


CCP298: Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 1: CompactLogix Fundamentals and Troubleshooting

Location: Huntington, West Virginia

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to troubleshoot a previously operational CompactLogix™ system and restore normal operation.


CCA182: PowerFlex 750-Series Configuration and Startup

Location: Huntington, WV

Upon completion of this course, given a wired PowerFlex® 750-Series drive (PowerFlex 753 or PowerFlex 755) and AC motor, you will be able to properly install the drive, start up the drive, and configure drive parameters to meet application-specific needs.


CCA183: PowerFlex 750-Series Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Location: Huntington, WV

This skill-building course introduces concepts and techniques that will assist you in successfully maintaining and troubleshooting a PowerFlex® 750-Series (PowerFlex 753 or PowerFlex 755) drive. You will learn how to recognize PowerFlex 750-Series drive hardware and properly wire the drive. You will also learn to diagnose specific faults.


Intro to Siemens PLC

Location: Arden, NC

A complete course on the basics of Siemens PLC’s and TIA Portal software.

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