Energy Savings

Energy savings programs directly drive reduction of utility expenses within your facility. Our program provides detailed energy audits, identifying new and retrofit opportunities using the most current technology to reduce power consumption while improving efficiency. In addition to our skilled local representatives, we utilize a strategically located Energy Specialist to offer additional product knowledge and assistance with local utility rebate programs.

Productivity & Process Improvement

Productivity and Process Improvement programs provide savings for your facilities by educating personnel on productivity best practices and the most current products available to streamline installation. In addition, we have the ability to interface our eCommerce technology with your procurement system to reduce the time needed for product search, order placement, and invoice management.


Safety programs improve safety and the overall work environment in your facilities by educating personnel on the most current local and federal standards required by organizations such as OSHA and the NEC. This type of training reduces personal injury and property damage, and in turn reduces liability insurance as well as prevents potential fines imposed by governing organizations.


Our team of product experts are able to provide personnel training, training on facility performance as well as product application. In addition, many of our manufacturer partners offer the highest level of training available. Our vast offering of training opportunities covers our entire portfolio of products and services. Using the latest in technology, we can provide in-house or onsite training including demonstrations, learning lab seminars, and hands on product training.